So how the Heck do you plant 30,000 coffee seedlings?

You partner with an amazing team.  You continue to believe that coffee is a relationship builder that forms connections all the way from a seed to a cup of coffee shared with a friend.   You learn to trust; you learn to call out for help, and you learn that

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Coffee with the past

I have a fascination with new discoveries and possibilities. Be it the existence of water on Mars, a new species of butterfly in the forests of Mozambique or a new fossil in the cradle of humankind. Either way I love the possibility that it holds and it sparks my imagination

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Top Tip’s for traveling to a coffee farm

I have had the opportunity to travel to coffee farms for the last seven years, in Africa and a bit of South America. In this time, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks to get the most out of my time on a farm. These work well for me;

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Rushing through the streets of Moshi to get to a meeting on the other side of town, hawkers shouting their wares and local sales guys trying to sell me art and trinkets. It is hot and very humid with the equatorial sun giving me instant sunburn. Then a familiar aroma

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What was it like still working through lockdown in the midst of a global pandemic? Well at the time it wasn’t like we expected it to be fun to be honest. Let us start at the beginning. Just before the official lockdown in South Africa happened on the 27th of

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The other day we were able to go for a game drive in our province due to the relaxing of the covid-19 lockdown rules, while we were out there looking at the animals, I made some coffee and started thinking about happiness and joy. I am going to be honest

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Planting seedlings on Kilimanjaro with Evarester.

On the slopes of Kilimanjaro Evarester Ndosa farms her organic coffee. In July 2021 TriBeCa gave her 300 seedling to assist with increasing her overall yield on her farm. Join us as we plant one of those seedlings with her. The music was recorded sitting around a fire while Hotice_Stunna

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Joseph Dikolobe French Press / Plunger method

Almost everyone has a French press in their home but very few people actually like to use it because it has gotten a reputation of being a “weak” coffee or a “gritty” coffee. These are largely due to a few brewing techniques that can be improved on. Joseph will show

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Tiny Tshabalala V60

Making a V60 is not only a delicious way to make a coffee but also a really easy way. Tiny is our in house trainer and she shows you how to get the most out of this beautiful brewer.

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Our 2019 South African Barista Champion takes you on a step-by-step process on how to brew the perfect, traditional Moka Pot. Coffee made in a Moka pot is often rich, intense and full-bodied.

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